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The Incredible Machine Has Been Added

Everything for Sugarland's new album The Incredible Machine has been added, yes that includes a lyrics page, lyrics to all the songs & album download. Hope you enjoy!

Better Man Lyrics added

I finally got the lyrics for Sugarland's cover of Pearl Jam's Better Man the lyrics are available on the lyric page for Live on the Inside. Hope you enjoy!

Finally done

The site has finally been finished sorry for taking so long on it but it's done, the only thing I do not have is music video downloads because I can not get the music videos but I hope you will enjoy the site all the same all lyrics and song download pages are done. I do not have the lyrics to Better Man as Sugarland sang them in Live on the Inside so if anyone has them please e-mail me here and I will add them. Thanks and hope you enjoy the site.


To Sugarland Music - Enrique Flores' Fan Site. I am going to have lyrics, music video downloads and more for those who want them here in the next couple of days so enjoy.

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